Elizabeth is a native Texan and Southern Methodist University graduate where she received her Bachelors degree in Film and Media Arts. Even though her artistic talent was realized at a very young age, Elizabeth did not receive formal art instruction until her senior year in college. She is the founder and creative force behind the Where Is The #Love project and owner of Resilience Road Productions. Elizabeth has worked on programs for major television networks like MTV, she has produced and directed music videos, and created content within the commercial arena. She is currently co-writing a feature film, The Kiss, with an award winning writer that is based off of one of her original stories. Her art is showcased in private collections around the world. 

She believes that all things in life can be explained and conveyed through self expression and love for others. 

Some of her favorite things are, the ocean, travel, the musculoskeletal system, laughter, Bomb pops, and the smell of wild jasmine. 



"There was a young girl, who stopped by the "Inside Out" film shoot, whose dream was to be a film director, so I grabbed her by the hand and kept her by my side. I asked her call 'Action!' on one of the scenes, and she lit up like the sun. Her father was so proud! She couldn't believe that I was serious. I told her ' It's your scene. Call it when your ready.'" I yelled out 'Quiet on the set!' and my amazing crew fell silent and looked to her for direction. She looked to me, and I nodded. Then she yelled out "Action!" and the magic began. That's it! That's what it's all about." Lizzy

Elizabeth Anne Martin