It's a Girl Thing

Lizzy wrote the script and directed the music 

video "It's a Girl Thing" for up and coming country 

music star Tiffany Carlen. Take a look at this one.

 It packs a big punch! 

Lizzy's recent projects include



"Lizzy is wonderfully talented and an extremely hard worker. She has a  great understanding of production, story telling and desire to learn anything that she doesn't know." - Ross Breitenbach, Executive Producer

- Big Tips Texas

Martin Film





Inside Out

​"Sometimes the way home leads to unexpected places." 

"Lizzy [...] was a maddening joy. Madding because she outperformed people in other departments to whom I was already paying good money. A joy because, well, she did everything so well and with such good spirit and brimming optimism. Whether you looking for a Line Producer, a Wardrobe and Props person, a BTS photographer, or quite frankly, a fellow producer, Lizzy Martin not only has the necessary skill set, she also possesses something much rarer: the ingenuity, and the artistic insight that, quite simply, elevates your film. She's a gem and I can't wait to work with her again." -Daniel Blake Smith, Co-Writer and Co-Executive Producer 

Inside Out



Mary, a shy and emotionally wounded mother, finds herself in a surreal experience that forces her to face her fears.


© 2013 Elizabeth Anne Martin

Lizzy's current projects

A television pilot titled "Where is the#LOVE™," and a short film all of which she wrote, will direct, and produce. Lizzy is also producing a new network sizzle and a writing a feature film! 

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!